Funding requests are welcomed and appreciated. The PTO continually looks for greats ideas/suggestions on how to spend the money on our children.

Requests for funds are reviewed openly at the standing PTO meetings. The PTO has at least seven (7) meetings each year, typically held at 6 p.m. in the school’s library on the third Thursdays of September – November and January – April.

Please e-mail the PTO Treasurer at least one week before the next PTO meeting so it can be included on the agenda for consideration. The following points need to be included in your e-mail:

1.     Requestor’s full name

2.     Requestor’s e-mail address

3.     Grade level for whom this request will benefit (‘school-wide’ may be a valid answer too)

4.     Vendor name for the purchase

5.     Cost of the request

6.     Additional details

NOTE: Attending the PTO meeting where this topic will be discussed is strongly encouraged. This permits the requestor the ability to explain questions immediately and avoid follow-up actions which may delay a decision.


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